On May 27th, 2015 I had an encounter with the Supernatural that caused me to change the course that I was on.  For details on that encounter, check out this blog entry.

For about a year prior to that, it seemed as though the Lord had put a fire in me to research specific things.  It was like He was pointing me to what He wanted me to see and come to understand.  After the encounter, I spent a couple of days focused on producing what I felt God had instructed me to put together.  The Slide Show below was completed in June, 2015.  If I were to update it, the trends would only be more profound.


A Biblical World View

I've stated elsewhere on this site that I do not claim to be a Bible Expert.  I have so much to learn, but anytime I don't have an answer, I know that I can go to the Bible to find the answer, with the Holy Spirit's guidance.

When we view the world and history through the lens of the Bible, we see that all things work together for God's purposes, which are always good and redemptive in nature.

God is warning through His prophets that judgment is coming to America.  America, like other nations and people groups throughout Biblical history, is facing the judgment of God because we have turned away from God in so many ways and have worshiped other false Gods such as money and possessions or the false God's of other religions.  

The Bible is full of examples of God's redemptive judgment:

  1. in the form of economic downfall
  2. as famine
  3. as severe natural disasters - from storms, earthquakes, and even volcanoes
  4. attacks from foreign enemies 

America will not be alone in the judgment.  Other nations across the earth will experience the judgment of God in similar ways as His hand of protection is lifted because of unrepentant hearts.  The good news is that while the U.S. (and the rest of the world too) is shaking, God promises to release an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like never before.  I believe very soon that the Great Harvest will begin and will usher in the most amazing move of God since Jesus Christ walked the earth the first time!

The Lord has taken me on a journey of awakening that I am compelled to share with anyone who has "ears to hear" and "eyes to see".  Gently, but ever so persistently, the Lord made me to understand that the world view I had been holding for 35+ years was not accurate.  My prayer is that anyone who has been led to this site will be awakened much more quickly than I was - because time is truly short.  I am without doubt that Jesus will return in my lifetime, and even more boldly I will state that my belief today is that we have only years, not decades, before life as we know it will change dramatically and irrevocably.

You might be asking yourself: 1) What information woke her up? or 2) Why is she convinced that Jesus is returning soon?  Read on to find out!

Scroll and Fig Leaf

We live at a time when information is expanding at an incredibly fast rate.  The information in the Slide Show above is only a tiny sliver of the evidence that exists to show that the "world view" of things is skewed in the absence of TRUTH, and that WE ARE living in the last days - that Jesus' return is ever so close.

If you are interested in specific scriptural evidence that walks you through the things that the Bible says must happen before Jesus' return, I would recommend a teaching series by Jimmy Evans that can be found on You Tube: The Tipping Point Series.