Scroll and Fig Leaf

July 16th, 2016

I heard “I am done with the lukewarm church. She beautifies herself like lipstick on a pig. She is better off drawing a steaming hot bath and scrubbing off the impurities that cling to her. She has become ugly to me. She is no bride. She has become a laughing stock.

I will cleanse her once again from her iniquity so that what is left has been cleansed and made ready for the day I give her to my son, her groom for all eternity. He will have the bride that He deserves and nothing less. All else will burn in the lake of fire

I was then sent to John‬ ‭17:6-24‬

I am rebuilding my church

December 6th, 2014 - A vision and word for the Church:

I was in my spirit form up in the air about 60 feet off the ground, facing the northeast corner of the church building.  I felt like my eyes zoomed in until I could see just one brick of the building.  It was a light golden tan color.  It was still a part of the wall but I could see all sides of it.  It was as if a hand was holding it and showing it to me.  Then I went back out and up and circled around still at that 60 foot mark, but facing the building from the northwest corner.  My spirit just hovered there for a little while, and then it was like I zoomed towards the big round glass window that is located at the head of the church that has 6 panels.  I was now looking through it, and then I went through it so that I was looking down on the church sanctuary from the vantage point of the very front tallest point.  There was no one in the church.  I then flew down so that I was at the very back of the sanctuary just inside the big set of doors.  I was then at the normal ground walking level.  I looked all across the church as if surveying it.  Then, I watched what looked like a wave of energy blow through the church from the front to the back.  It was a spiritual thing but also a physical thing.  The floor and everything on it looked like a rug does as it is being shaken with a ripple going across it from front to back.  The vision was then over and I asked the Holy Spirit what the vision meant and I heard "I am rebuilding my church brick by brick."

11.19.16 - A Word from Jesus

As I was laying in bed reading around 8pm last night, something caught the corner of my eye to the right. I looked to the door way that leads to the hall way and had an impression in the spirit of a large angel who had decended to stand there. Then I felt like I saw him in my spirit come into the room and stand in the corner by the door. He continues to stand there. I asked the Lord if I was seeing an angel and I heard yes.

This is what I then heard from the Lord Jesus:
"Do not grow weary. I am here. I love you. Don’t strive. Give up and rest. I am here to bring you good news as there is great joy in heaven of what is to come. A release is coming unlike anything that has ever come to the earth in any generation. The latter rain is coming and there will be such a deluge for an extended period of time that God’s children will begin to change. A new normal will set in. What once was hard will now be easy. What once brought stress will bring joy. It’s like the internal wiring will change in those who have prepared, in those who have laid down their lives to follow me. I am coming. I am coming back to live and you must proclaim my return. This is BIG. This is true and this is the most important news anyone in this generation can hear write now. I am coming, but before I do, there are so many things that must be remade. You know this as I’ve spoken of this before."

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8.16.16 - A Word from Jesus

"See that which is before you, a true path made with upright stones, each formed perfectly to fit one next to each other, In beauty and in strength, forged in the heat of the fire. Black and marred from the heat and the pressure but made beautiful in my eyes, transformed into my bride. The wedding party readies herself with much preparation. The heavens await in bated anticipation of the celebration that is to come, less than a generation to pass. See, look. Gaze upon my beauty and you will see her beauty. She is being transformed into my image (2 Corinthians 3:18) – an image that reflects the love, the kindness, the goodness that I Am. I will accept nothing less.

My spirit is being poured out without measure (John 3, Acts 2). The greatness of the power that is accessible to this generation has never been seen before, and never will again. These things you will do are even greater than the demonstration of power my Father gave to me (John 14:12). Now, He gives it to you freely. With His power, comes much responsibility. You must not be like the magician who sought after the power, but had not the heart of the Father (Acts 8). Power comes through love. It comes through the breath of The Father in your lungs. (A lesson) The gifts are poured out freely without justification, but His power is not the same. Power comes only to the righteous. Elijah was given and released The Father’s power from a place of meekness and humbleness. He carries my Father’s heart and was loyal to no man. The words that came forth from Elijah’s lips were my Father’s words. The fire that fell came forth from the power given to him according to my Father’s will (1 Kings 18). Seek My Father’s heart and you may walk in The power that only comes from Him. This power cannot be falsely duplicated. All other sorcery will fail against it."

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April 20th, 2016 - A Dream

I’m with a friend at a mall type area wanting to pick up her car. She had parked her car in a garage for 4 days. There were two areas she could have parked in. She mistakenly parked in the quick park at $38/day. She tried to talk to the parking attendant to sweet talk him into cutting her a break but he wouldn’t. We then went up to get the car. She tried to go up the down escalator and wasn’t making very quick progress. I chose to go a different way, looking for an up route. I found one and knew that I went to level 5.

Then the scene changed and all of a sudden there was a storm outside and I was seeing through a very big glass window. I could see tornadoes forming very quickly and I counted 10 drop down from the sky one by one before I started running to try to find a route down to underground. I tried to call my husband and think I got through for a moment to tell him I was at a store. Then I was facing a particular store front that had many leather coats and coats with fur in it. I tried to hide in a small janitor closet or bathroom. There was no lock. I became afraid of others coming in because they were becoming violent. Someone forced the door open and I escaped out. Then I was crouching facing the outside but still inside the mall but next to the down escalator. I felt like someone was with me. I saw my sister run outside to what looked like a limo waiting for her. I called after and followed her outside. She saw me for a moment but kept running. The car was pulling away and she wasn’t making it to the car. Then I saw her fall and become covered with what looked like white flakes of snow but we’re actually some kind of tiny bug creature with wings. Then I looked and saw other people being attacked by the same thing. They would just dissolve like being eaten by the small pale creatures.

In the dream it made me think of the plagues of revelations. I knew I needed to try to get home. Me and the presence with me were running. We knew that we were somehow protected against the white stuff and that it couldn’t hurt us. Other people around us started to realize that we were safe from it too and they got mad and wanted to attack us. Two young people tried to follow us. The older girl tried to cast a spell but I said “stop In the name of Jesus” and she was powerless to hurt us.

Then a young blond man was guiding us into a house of a friend of his. I felt like we could trust him. He found a key on the trellace. Inside me and the presence with me followed him, but so did the girl and younger boy that were earlier chasing us, but now they were just looking for help. A woman, whom I guessed was the wife of the blond man, was in the kitchen making pasta, and others were gathered in the dining room ready to eat a meal. My youngest son was there and I gave him a big hug. Then I asked the young boy who had wanted to attack us earlier to come and hug me. I gave him a big hug to love on him as if he were my own. I knew that we were going to turn the two of them to the Lord. End dream

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The storm forming and becoming very strong so quickly indicates what we can expect to experience in the coming months and years ahead. The ten tornadoes forming in rapid succession dropping down out of the sky represents a work of restoration through judgments that are coming, perhaps 10 in number. Without the redemptive judgments of God, the old cannot pass away so the new can come. What will look like death and violent destruction to the unbeliever will be known as fulfillment of prophecy to the body of Christ as Jesus leads us through a time of great spiritual warfare, with the end already known to lead to victory.


Jesus Desires to Pull Us to Safety

The Coming Latter Rain

I was deeply asleep dreaming of being asleep in this very large house that was grand and exquisite. It was better than any mansion I’ve ever seen on television.  (For me, dreaming of dreaming is significant.  Each time this has happened, I know that the dream hold exceptional significance for me.)

I was in bed asleep in the master bedroom with my husband when I was awoken to knocking at the door.  It went on for a while. Eventually I nudged my husband go see who it was.  I was a little anxious like you would be if it had really happened.  I didn’t know who it was as I watched my husband go down the hallway, down the big staircase, then start towards the door, which was quite a ways away since the house was so big.  He either said it or was thinking he knew who it was before he got to the door.  Just then, I was woken up from my dream by one of our kids.


March 4th, 2016 - a word from the Lord

"I am pouring out upon my people my Spirit of grace.  Though many will come against you, I stand with you and none will perish who call on my name in the hour of suffering.  Little lambs, come to me, your shepherd, the ones who know my voice, the voice you follow.  I am here - now come to me sweet little lambs.
Grace.  Grace.  Grace I give in great measure.  There is no condemnation in me for you have been separated from your sin by my blood.  Do not come against yourself for falling short.  Live in agreement with what I say about you.  Your sin has been washed away and is as far from you as the east is from the west.  Do not listen to the great persecutor, Satan.  He stands to accuse you but I stand with you to proclaim your freedom.
I am grace.  I give grace.  Rest in my grace.  Rest in my steadfast love.  I make a way that is clear.  Though the days are perilous, keep your eyes on me and me alone and you shall feel and see my grace surrounding you like a caccoon, sheltering you from the raging storm.  When the storm has passed, out you will come from the shelter of my covering, transformed into a new creation.  This is what I have for you.  Listen not to the clambering of this world, but open your ears to the new kingdom which is coming, being raised up from amongst my chosen.  
My grace is coming up in this earth and you shall see it in greater and greater measure!
Yes, my kingdom comes.  My will be done.  I call to my children and command you to speak out in my name.  Ask me for boldness and it shall be yours.  I say to you, not one of you will I leave in your moment of need.  As you speak my gospel in my name, it will be my breath in your lungs and my word on your lips.  Speak out in my name and see what I shall do.  See my grace in action!

He sent me to Hebrews 7:21-25

“but he became a priest with an oath when God said to him: “The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: ‘You are a priest forever.’ ” Because of this oath, Jesus has become the guarantor of a better covenant. Now there have been many of those priests, since death prevented them from continuing in office; but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”

I am that Priest, forever standing with you under a new covenant in my blood, interceding for you.  Grace is mine to give and I give it freely to all those who call on my name.  Stand with me and I will give you my grace and you will see my power through Holy Spirit poured out in unimaginable measure."

the bride of christ

Sheep Separated from the Goats

 July 13, 2015 - a word from the Lord


“My word is this: The cry goes out to each child of God, to those I sealed at the beginning of time. The bell tolls and your ears burn with the sensation of the tingling. I am making you new so that you may go forth and do the work I’ve ordained for you at this time in this season. Worry not, fear not for in all things My work is good. The hedge of protection is already in place. I have raised up strong and mighty towers of peace so that when the winds of perversion and terror blow down every high place, My people, those that turn their hearts to me and hear My voice, will be able to see in the distance the place of safety, the place their God chooses to dwell amongst His people.”

“Mighty warriors, make your armor ready. Sharpen your swords, polish your helmet, don your vest and take your place in the cavalry. I will send forth flag-bearers before you to signal the start. The drums will beat to time so that all are synchronized. Orders will be sent out so crystal clearly that there will be not one of My soldiers out of step. My watchmen have done their job well. The strategy of the enemy is known and has been sifted. My people know every weakness and every scheme. There will be no surprise in what he does.”

“But for My people, My mighty army, wait for the many precious surprises I have for you. You are far from powerless. My creativity is second to none. You will be even delighted by the ways that I move, by the powers you have at your disposal for great victory in every battle. Have I not shown you that in me, you are not limited by space and time and dimension? Have I not shown you that the words you speak will carry such power as to strike fear into the heart of every man who does not worship at My feet? Have I not shown you that My banner is one that covers all? (Rainbows, no. My disgust over this present age is great.)”

“My banner is made of the most brilliant of colors that even the rainbow, now an image of disdain, pales in comparison to the brilliance of the show in the sky that will appear as My will is done on this earth, as it is in heaven. Have I not shown you that though the earth will shake even off its axis, that My people will be held solid in the palm of My hand? Darkness has come upon this earth and it will get darker day by day. The lost will wander about in confusion but My children will walk upright and straight as I light their every step. My light comes forth from the kingdom that I’ve set inside of you. You shall manifest it to such a degree that My full kingdom in all its glory has nothing left to do but to be released as the old passes away and the new Jerusalem shines forth. It will be the most beautiful thing any eye has seen.”

“But before it comes, death and destruction and peril must be felt on this earth and in this nation. Every falsehood that has been accepted must be revealed. Every lie satan has conveyed throughout the ages must be shown as false, until every heart left on this earth knows the truth in their heart, that I am their God, that I am the only God, that they are My creation put on this earth for relationship with me.”

Preparing for the Days Ahead:

“My bride must ready herself. She must be so consumed in her love for me that even as everything falls around her, she hardly notices, except to share her testimony of her heart for her groom, for what he has done in her life, and for the eternal life that is hers.”

“How does one ready themselves for the coming wedding feast? I call every child to humble himself and lay down his life so that I may give him a new one. I cry out to each heart that the plans I have for each person are so much greater than any plan they have comprised for themselves. One can only imagine from their own circumstances and imagination. They are bound by this earth, but I have NO BOUNDS for you. My desire for each of My children is to bless them with every good thing. Just as a parent, My frustration comes when My children are stubborn and insist upon their own way. They leave all of My blessings sitting out in the cold rain when they close their ears to the breath of My spirit. So open your ears. Stop and rest so that you may hear My voice. Rest so that I can revive you to give you the energy you will need for the day of preparation at hand.” (I then saw a picture of the business of an actual wedding day)

“I call to a bride that is pure of heart. Purification comes through My word and My spirit and through My son. When every sin is laid down and covered by his divine sacrifice, you are made pure. When you invite me into your heart, I can robe you in righteousness so that you may sit in heavenly places. My word is truth. Purification comes when you hear My word and take it in, when you let it guide every decision for yourselves and for those you love. The bride of Christ has no place for hard-heartedness.”

“You are forgiven only as you forgive. How can I look upon you when you hold a blemish in your heart? Every unforgiven hurt is a blemish that gets in the way. I look upon you from your mother’s womb and see every detail of your life, and every choice that brings you closer or further from me. Every moment is an opportunity to be renewed. There is truly no distance from me since I am in you always. Yet, you picture this void to exist. This chasm is a lie and l desire every heart to know the truth, the only truth that I am in you, and you are in me, and that there is no separation except through thought. Do not let thoughts get in the way. Do not allow flesh to get in the way. My bride is pure, and holy. She has been washed white as snow in the blood of the lamb. She is humble and ready to serve me. Her heart is open and without blemish. She is the picture of radiance as her beauty shines forth in the forgiveness she extends to anyone. Truth is the only thing on her lips as she speaks forth with grace and kindness.”

“This is the time when the sheep are separated from the goats. Which one will you be My people? Will you walk with me into eternity, or will you run from me now, and beg at My heels later when it is too late. The gates of hell are open, wide open. Time is so short.”

I was getting on some kind of carnival ride.  There were places for each person to stand and be strapped in.  I was indecisive about my seat or place and finally decided on one in the corner. I wanted my husband to ride with me but he was reluctant.  The carnival conductor came around to help us get situated.  He needed to position a board under my feet so I could reach.  For him to do that I had to spread my legs and scoot back.  I was wearing jeans.  It didn't feel inappropriate to me but he said "I hope this is Pentecostal charismatic" as he leaned down to position the board.  I saw that he had three eyes.  

Protection for the True Bride

Witchcraft in the Church

January 6th, 2016 - a dream

Then another man walked up to the ride and saw the cash register and the price that it said for the ride on the display and he proclaimed that they were charging way too much for this ride.  I thought the display said something like "$17.33"but I can't recall the price for sure. Dream ended.

Then as I was awake but with my eyes closed I saw a man in a glowing white robe standing off to my left on the corner of a property covered with trees.  I couldn't see the mans frame itself but just the glowing robes.  I felt that this was an angel or messenger.  He said "Jugdment begins with the church today". As I looked at him I asked him what else did he have to tell me and he said "tell them".

Abba, Father, what would you speak to me about the dream?  What I feel but do not hear.

"The carnival itself represents the current Church of Christ.  There are those seeking a "cheap thrill" and have no desire to be in true relationship with the one true God.  There is dishonesty, trickery, and shams being perpetrated - shows to trick people into giving their money, not to do good, but to be entertained.  The particular ride in the dream that went around in circles pointed to the "Pentacostal Charismatic" movement and was being called out for its abuse of the gifts of the Spirit.  The carnival ride conductor with the 3 eyes represented witchcraft.  The enemy has twisted God's word and has placed the Body under an evil spell.  The man who walked up to the ride and called out the ride for being overpriced, thereby speaking against the falsehood represents the true Bride of Christ, the remnant of Christ being raised up, equipped and prepared to be a light in the darkness."

I received the following words, visions, and dreams as a message to the Church, the body of Christ who is meant to be His Bride.  I pray that these words would be a blessing to you.  Please take each of these prophetic messages to the Lord for yourself for confirmation or rebuttal.


On December 9th, 2015 at 3:‪03am

Dec. 3rd, 2016

The sun and the stars cry out to me. All of creation groans for the manifest sons and daughters to come into who they were created to be. This is the time. This is the season where new life breaks forth.

I am building my kingdom on this earth now. At the same time, the kingdoms built by man in flesh will fall until they are all rubble. Demolition will be going on at the same time as construction. We will run this project concurrently!

Some of the land (and the hearts) have already been prepared with proper foundations so that now we can build upon them. But the vast expanse is yet to be demolished. My angels stand ready at my order for great sections to be triggered. Like a well-planned mission, one column of society after another will come down, down, down.

Manifest Sons and Daughters

The Centurion

December 9th, 2015 - a dream, vision and word from the Lord

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"The centurion wears my armor into every battle.  He walks in sandals of peace.  His head is covered with the helmet of salvation.  His chest is covered in my righteousness.  His shield of faith causes every arrow of the enemy to fall.  His sword is mighty cutting even to the bone with the power to create and destroy with my word.  I desire every one of my children to dress as the centurion.  You will face battle and you must put on the whole armor.  When in it fully, your protection is complete, and victory is assured.  Prepare for battle.  The time has come.  Do not go out without it on anymore.  Teach each child to wear theirs.

Fear not that which is coming upon the earth.  Everything made by man will shake.  Everything built on the foundation of My Son, the cornerstone, will stand firm.  I am doing a work in My children.  I am pouring My love out, beyond measure.  No ear has heard the glorious riches in store for My children who love me.  Remember that this is temporal, temporary, but I am eternal.  There is nothing that you will face that I have not already triumphed over.

It is good to complete preparations in the physical before Christmas.  After Christmas, the only preparations that are required are those in the Spiritual.  Wait upon my throne daily.  Make time for my instructions each and every day.  This will save physical lives.  This will save eternal souls.  Life is found in me.  I will turn every scheme of the enemy for good.  Even now his frustration grows as his plans of so-called genius fall apart and backfire.  He is the God of chaos but I AM the God of peace.  I give you my peace to carry.

Arise children of the one true God!  Waive your banners!  Blow your trumpets!  Begin your march in step as I lead you around Jericho!  For it will be I, only Me that brings ultimate victory over death.  Watch as the wall falls and evil is destroyed once and for all.

Then, there shall I stand in victory, as the old passes away and the new comes forth.  My bride ready for her groom!”

April 22nd, 2017 - A Word from the Lord

"To my children, I say this: Awake. Awake now. The time for sleeping has past. I am not calling you into labor, but into rest in me. (Hebrews 4) You have been resting in the ways of this world, slumbering through this life. You forget that it was I that made you and it will be I that calls you to account for your life lived. (Romans 14:12)

I am raising up an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:10) Will you enlist? For I have already drafted you, grafted you in through my son. You have been called so stop waiting for the invitation. Your orders have already gone out, yet you refuse to step forward when your name is called.

Come to me. Stand where I place you. I have created the perfect post for you, matched uniquely to you, my perfect creation. I don’t think like you. You see a need and then you try to meet it – attempting to fit yourself to that need. I created you to perfectly fit the need, fitting it to you, not you to it. (Romans 8:28-29) I do not see what you see. But I invite you to come up to where I am so that you can see what I see. (Ephesians 2:6)

Close your eyes. Breathe me in. See with your heart all that I have placed within you...."

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"War is coming. The drums of war are beating. Will you come now, or will you wait to be ravaged? One way or the other, you will come out.

The enemy has told a lie. He has divided my children, Judah and Israel. He has caused a deep disillusion to fall on my children. See, I have one family. I will join them back together. (Ezekiel 37:15-28). I have 12 sons, not two or three. (God the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – renamed Israel who had 12 sons). Do not think that I would forget about Joseph – Ephraim and Manasseh. They have not been lost to me and I will call each one home to me...

I will reveal a great mystery to you this day: before you see Jesus come on the clouds (Matthew 24:30), He will come first to dwell in the temple He bought and paid for on the cross. Yes, He will come in the fullness as He promised. He will co-habit every son and daughter (His temple) who have made themselves ready. (1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 2 Corinthians 6:16). Like the 5 virgins who have made their lamps ready (Matthew 25), He will come and indwell them. This will happen very soon. Have you made yourself ready?

The signs in the heavens proclaim the times we are living in.

(I believe He is pointing to the August 21st – solar eclipse across the whole United States, and Sept. 23rd sign of Revelation 12.)

Later, in prayer, I felt confirmation that it was Jesus at the door in the dream.  He is knocking as the time is at hand.  He wants everyone of us to answer His call, and He wants to give us wisdom and understanding for what lies ahead.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20

summoned to the foot of my throne

January 15th, 2016 - a word from the Lord

 "I am well pleased.  I am well pleased - not with what you do for me, but the transformation of your hearts into mine.  I call to you and you listen.  I call to you and you yield to me. I call to you and you rest in me.  I call to you and summon you to the foot of my throne, and you come.  Not by your own strength, but by my grace and my tender mercy made new each day.

Children, you know not the wonders I have for you.  You know not the depths of my heart for you.  You know not all that is coming on the earth, but I will tell you this.  The more you know my heart, the more you know me.  The more you seek me, the more hidden in me you become.  I have done a work in you.  For you even to be in this place, I have done a work.  I open doors and I close them.  I call and I limit.  When you call to me, I answer.  It is because you called to me that I have called to you.  And yet, you were born for this as I predestined you for my calling on your life.  The call is connected to the heart.  It is your heart that allows you to hear my call... Trust in me.  Trust in my Spirit who swoons around you, with every breath and every beat of your heart calling you deeper and closer to me.

I am infinitely diverse.  As the community of believers comes together, more and more of who I am shines forth.  Yes, you feel me and you will feel my presence more and more.  Yes, you see me and you will see me more and more.  

I have peace for you.  I have rest for you.  I have healing for you... You must prepare to receive what I desire to pour out.  Preparation must be only in me, in my word, in my spirit, and in my love.  I am instructing you to turn away from the ways of the world and enter in to my kingdom on this earth being built up from the foundation which is Christ.  It is His blood that has prepared the ground.  He is the rock, the cornerstone, that my kingdom is built upon.  I am bringing my kingdom to this earth and you shall soon see the glory and the majesty of my son reigning on this earth, with His children, with my children."

Fear not my people for when this happens, my truth will be on your lips. Your eyes will look out upon your fellow man with empathy anew, with words of HOPE that comes only from Jesus Christ my son. It has felt like your lips won’t move, or that your throat is too dry to speak, but I will cause your lips to part with my words, and will rinse your throat with living water. You feel like you are a shell today, hollowed out, dead to this world, waiting in anticipation of the move of God and it is coming! It is coming! It is I who will fill you with myself – my love, my power, my glory."

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​judgment upon my church

On October 23rd, 2014 a word from the Lord to the Church:

"My son, Jesus, wipes away every sin.  The day is dawning when you will see me face to face and I will hold my children in my arms.  There will be no separation and they will call me papa.  Turn away from this world and turn to me.  Persecution of my church is upon you.  I am heaping judgment upon judgment on my church for being hard headed and hard hearted.  The only way to combat ISIS is by love.  No amount of war can fight what they are doing.  I am love.  I am truth.  I am more precious than gold.  Turn to me and live.  That is the only message that should be on your lips."

God's Children - An Exceeding Great Army

jesus calls to his bride

March 8th, 2015 - A Word to His Bride

"Honor me.  Call out to me with every breath and I will give you life.  You think you know my heart but you do not.  You think I am with you and then I depart only to return later.  I do not ever leave you or forsake you.  I have taken up residence in your heart and I will never leave you.  You turn away from me and don't comprehend how that hurts me.  

I am the love of your very life.  You are my bride but you do not ready yourself with preparations for our wedding banquet.  You are so busy making everyone else a priority that you neglect me, and you neglect yourself.  You are beautiful to me.  You are worth of every piece of gold and every precious stone that I have under heaven.  Yet you look to people for worth and value.  Turn away from sin and sin no more.  

Rest in me.  I will show you a new way.  A way that will cost you everything and nothing.  Oh the plans I have for you.  You can be my friend!  You can walk with me in the very heaven of your heart.  All that I have is yours and I am calling to you.  Will you answer me?  Will you have your lamp trimmed and ready at the appointed hour?  

Why settle for anything less than everything God has to give you.  Every good and perfect gift from above is at your finger tips.  Come, dine with me.  Come and rest at my feet.  Come and dance with me.  You are not of this world.  You are not burdened by the things of this world.  You are no longer chained by the enemy's lies.  See him for what he is - a liar and a thief.  He is nothing but a serpent under your heal, crushed by the love that I have for you and the sacrifice that has already been made for eternity for you to walk with me.  I love you in a way that you cannot comprehend on this earth.  My Father's love has no bounds and thus mine is just as great.  Come to me now and dance with me, my bride."