Calamity of Governments, Nature, Economics

November 1st, 2015 - A word from the Lord

“There will be three major events that are to come in short succession.  The first will be a calamity of the governments.  Many kings and rulers will fall.  They will face opposition from each other and from their own people.  The next calamity will be of nature.  The earth will toss and turn to and fro.  Mountains will crumble and the water will flow in unnatural ways.  There will be too many bodies to dispose of properly so that they will rot where they fall.  The third calamity will be of economics.  Money will fail.  This is the time for every child to step into all that I have for them.”

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Hope in the Eye of the Storm

July 13th, 2016 - A Dream and a Word from the Lord

So many of us have been watching the storm clouds approaching for quite a long time, even for years. There is an understanding in our spirit that the time of waiting is nearly over for the dark full clouds are now overhead and ready to be emptied.

The sky is so dark and what was once stillness has now turned to wind. The branches of the trees have begun to move under the power of the wind. The singing of the birds has now been silenced as even they take shelter. We’ve had that feeling of unease from deep inside of us growing and growing. Holy Spirit has even spoken to so many the words “shaking, shaking, shaking”. He promises that everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

The sky is nearly ready to open up over America my Friends. We’ve felt a few rain drops hit the ground, and even on our face. It feels cold to the touch, but has been “tolerable” as harsh as that sounds. Other nations have faced earthquakes killing thousands, famines killing hundreds of thousands, plagues-floods-wars killing thousands, Christian persecution killing hundreds. These things have yet to impact us in the same way – but the time is nearly here for that to change.

Once, the sky was blue and the sun was shining on America, but that time is over. Our great grandparents, if they were alive today, would have a hard time recognizing this nation. Sure, the old landmarks are still here, but the feel and expression of the joy in the freedom we once experienced is past because of the sin of man that has run rampant.

The rain is going to begin to pour down harder and harder as the cup of God’s wrath for America begins to pour out. Make no mistake, the cup has been filling for decades, and we’ve now reached the point that the cup can no longer contain it anymore.

The Lord has shown us, those that have been paying attention and seeking Him, the damage the storm is going to do. It is all to His glory that He has woken us up to understand the seriousness of the hour, to warn us about all that is coming.

I believe The Storm is going to come in waves one after another, as scripture says it will be like birth pains growing in severity and frequency as the time of Jesus’ return approaches.

What can we expect in America over the months and years ahead? These are the things the Lord has shown me, which others have confirmed, in no particular order. Some of these have already begun to occur and will only escalate.

1. Economic disaster – impacting the Stock markets and currencies so that the dollar is dissolved and money as we know it fails
2. Drought and famine – food shortages leading to starvation and cannibalism
3. Marshall Law – to the point of relinquishing our constitutional rights with UN troops being welcomed and given authority over Americans. Extreme persecution of Bible-believing Christians culminating in use of FEMA detention camps and use of guillotines
4. World War 3 – a drawing in of nearly all nations into war, with Russian and Chinese troops literally attacking America and occupying our land, and the use of nuclear devices
6. Earthquakes – our country will be split in two pieces and separated by a body of water
7. Floods – our coastlines will be forever changed by tsunamis and raging waters
8. Plagues – causing suffering and death
9. Wild fires will rage and Yellowstone caldera will erupt
10. A centralizing of world government into the New World Order. The United States of America will cease to exist as we know it today as our sovereignty under God is dissolved

I had a dream on April 20th, 2016 where I saw 10 tornadoes come down out of storm clouds in quick succession. I believe each tornado represented a redemptive judgment as listed above.

I know that it has been hard to wait day after day for the calamities that He has promised, not because we wish any should perish but because we are so longing for the day when Satan is banished and Jesus takes His rightful place as King and Groom.

The warning is this: soon we are going to long for these “extra” days that God has so graciously given us. The storm is going to pick up speed and power so that it rages all around us, even in our own families and homes. Soon enough we will be IN THE EYE OF THE STORM with no where to go but into His arms.

The sun (Son) is now completely hidden from our view – yet we know it (He) is still there above it all. I believe His hand of protection has been lifted from our borders and the evidence of this is all around. Yet, He is still God, unchanging. He still loves His children, and Jesus WILL have every child that has been promised to Him from the foundations of time.

I cried out to God asking Him to give me hope. He sent me to Jeremiah 50 and 51! Read it for yourself only replace Babylon with America as you read.

Sweet Jesus, where is the hope?

The answer He gave is this:

“I am here. I have never left my children or forsaken them. I gave my life that you should have life abundantly and I would do it all again. Children of the One True God. Listen to all that I have to say. Turn your hearts to me in this hour and I will be your comfort. Though the storm rages around you, I will give you peace.

Fast and pray. Seek my Father that you should be counted worthy to escape the worst of the storm. Pray for your children, your spouses, your parents. My Father hears every prayer and counts them as glorious inscense before His throne.

Fear not for I am with you. Listen for the word that I send forth. I have a word for each of you, a revelation to share about your destiny. The hour is late but it is not too late to step into all that I have for you in me. I need my army to gather behind me, prepared and ready for battle. Though the outcome of the battle is known, the battle must occur. I have a place in my army for each of you should you choose to surrender to my will for your life. Do it now, today. Lay down the kingdom you’ve built for yourself and take up my cross.

Go to your knees now. Repent of every sin. Choose to forgive every wrong and hurt accomplished against you. Then listen for the orders I will give. Allow me to send you out. Do not question the orders I give to you day by day. Accept each order and I will give you the resources to accomplish the task at hand. I will even cause time to work for you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish in me, but apart from me you are doomed.

I am the hope of this world. Seek my face and you will find it. Even now, close your eyes and gaze upon my beauty with the eyes of your heart. See – I am there. See the gift I give to you for you to accomplish your purposes in me. Each gift is unique and perfectly suited to the recipient. Ask me what you are to do with it and then go. Do not delay. Go and see what we will accomplish together in these last days. Just as my disciples were instructed, go and share my testimony. If you are received, stay and bless them. If you are not received, shake the dust off your shoes and depart.

Though the storm rages around you, as you rest in me, I will take you from glory to glory so that you may see into the heavenlies. See what my Father is doing and do what He does. It is all I ever did. That is all He ever desired of His people made in His image.

The purpose of the storm is to break down every stronghold made by man to make room for My Kingdom which shall come. Even now, I am doing a work to establish the foundations of My Kingdom, hidden from every power of darkness. I call to my children predestined before time to come into their destiny in My Kingdom. Come!”

There is HOPE. His name is Jesus. He is our only hope but He is enough. I have seen with my own eyes people miraculously healed by the power of His name. I have seen hearts healed completely and demons cast out by the power of His name. I believe I will see the dead raised by the power of His name. Though the storm will rage, we have hope and His name is Jesus.

An Event Will Occur that will begin WW3

​December 20th, 2015 - a word from the Lord

"An event will occur that will begin World War 3 (without debate) and there is to be no stopping it.  All the planning and scheming has led to this.  Many will lose their lives...

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Trust this good word:  I desire My children to live in light just as I am light.  See, the darkness covers the earth, yet their are pockets of light that shine forth through the darkness.  The abyss has not conquered all.  It is My children of light who shall be victorious. 

Let no more false flags confound you.  They say “look here” while over there great tragedy really takes place.  I will point you to the truth.  I will point My children to all truth, which is in Me.

Look to Miami.  Look to Chicago.  Look to San Francisco.  See what is happening.  The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped."

"My children are asleep, fast asleep.  But they will awaken by the shaking.  One cannot sleep when all things around you begin to shake.  The earth shakes.  The ground beneath your feet shakes.  The economies of the earth shake.  The militaries and governments shake.  The skies shake.  Day by day, more and more will awaken to the reality of the days all of you have been chosen to live in.  Make no mistake – it is no coincidence that each of you are alive today."

a storm that will last two weeks across the country

On November 10th, 2014 a word from the Lord:

"There is a Great storm coming, of which has never been experienced before.  It will be over all of the continent of America.  Do not fear.  I will provide warmth as my light shines on those that call to me.  Out from the darkness I will answer the call.  2 weeks it will rage.  Store up water and food in preparation for the storm.  After the storm subsides, I will send a dove as a sign of the peace I will bring.  Do not be caught unprepared.  I warn those that are listening.  Do not go anywhere that I do not tell  you to go.  Do not fear for The Lord your God is here."

"I give warnings.  Warning after warning of the time to come.  But those warnings are nearly up."

Judgment Coming to the Northwest

​December 3rd, 2015 - a word from the Lord

The caldera is poised to erupt. The flow from deep beneath the earth has begun to move towards the surface. This shall take place. Dust will cover the whole surface of the earth. Darkness will reign for three days. Be prepared for the fall out from this event. It will be a trigger for an even greater calamity as people become desperate for food. Order will be dispelled for chaos.”

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January 2nd, 2016 - a word from the Lord

“Proclaim that the great and glorious day of the Lord is at hand! The rains of judgment have come upon this nation. The winds of judgment have come upon this nation. The shaking of the earth is here. See the flood waters that cover the earth even today. See the mighty storms that rage around you. See the fire that burns the earth and all that is growing up from it.”

“I will tear down every stronghold and stumbling block. Do not think that I do not see through the lies, the idolatry, the immorality that abounds. I see it and I spit in disgust. The west is ablaze. The south has been blown down, down, down. The central states have been covered in a great flood that will forever change the landscape. The northwest shakes and will shake even more – the caldron that burns is growing and moving and moaning under the pressure of the sin of the people. People of the east – brace for your judgment. It shall be swift. Do not think you’ve escaped anything. Thy cup of trembling runs over.”

“Wake! This generation must awaken to the day!”

January 28th, 2016 - a closed vision

​Yesterday while in prayer I saw a brief picture of ash falling and covering everything below it. I was moved to tears as I felt the Lord’s sorrow for what is coming. 

Prophetic Words for the United States

I see a picture of going up into the heavens and seeing down from that perspective onto the earth through the clouds.  I see an office building, very tall with large glass windows for walls. I see a board room with an oval table.  It has an inlaid star in the center.  The star has more than five points but too many to count.  Along one wall is a tv screen with flanking cabinets.  The oak has a light cherry tint.  

There are many men in business suits around the table and even standing next to  the wall closest to the hallway.  The standing men have the appearance of body guards.  The room has two exits.  I can see into the hallway that it opens to a larger room with lots if cubicles that have mid-height walls so that you can still see the workers.  The men are discussing strategy.  

I can feel the fear in the room.  They know something is coming and want to plan for it although it is so daunting that they can hardly come up with any sufficient plan.  


An Attack on infrastructure in the Central U.S.

August 8th, 2015 - A Word from the Lord

"Hear me.  The time is upon you and all people now that begins the great shaking.  No eye has seen or ear has heard the great tragedies that are to befall your nation of sin and sodomites.  

I tell you the truth.  People will seek rest but it will not come.  People will seek shelter but it will not be found.  People will seek reprieve but it will tary.  There will be no more warnings given.  Judgment has now been passed and its execution is on its way.  

For my children who hear my voice and come to me, I will protect you from the great judgment, the great Day of the Lord.  You must listen for my instructions so that I may deliver you to safety.  

In the Central United States, an attack is coming on infrastructure.  

It will become impossible to travel from one state to another.  My children will need to rest in my care for several months before it will be safe to return to your homes.  As in the time if Noah, you will know when "dry land" has been found, safe land has been recaptured, by my signs."  

An Attack on American Soil

A dream on 12.3.14: 

My husband and I parked and were going to go into a home improvement store like a Home Depot.  It was located on the edge of town next to a corn field that had been harvested.  It was cold out but there was no snow on the ground.  It was either early morning before the sun came up all the way, or at the end of the day during winter when it gets dark so early.  I knew that the kids were at school.  All of a sudden, out in the field, we saw an armament rise up out of the ground and saw missiles launch.  At first I thought there was 6 missiles launched but later in the dream I got a look from a broader perspective and saw smoke rising up or coming down in streams that showed 24 different missile launch sites, in groups of six that stretched out in front of us.  We were shocked that this had just happened...

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Dream Interpretation – I believe this is a literal dream, or in the least it has literal elements.  There will come a time when America will be attacked on our own soil, and we will be forced to defend ourselves.  People will be going about their lives as usual when all of a sudden, an attack will ensue.  The Home Depot store is a reference to needing to have our “house in order”.  This will not be the time to be working on the foundation of our lives which out to be Christ, the cornerstone.  The season of the year based on the cold temperatures and lack of sunshine would most likely be either late fall or early spring.

The number 6 speaks of humanity.  The time for Satan to have free-reign over humanity is ending as the 6th millenium ends.  The number 24 speaks of elderly wisdom.  We will need our Father's wisdom to survive what is coming.

The kind employee at the store is a picture of the way that Christians will desire to be in community during this time, being protected under the shadow of the Almighty.  *Read Psalm 91

I believe us driving into the field where the rockets came from and seeing the motorcycle drive at us is a reference to the spirit of darkness that comes from Satan who will use this time to bring even greater chaos to the world.  We need to be on guard against getting caught up in the events that will shake our country and this world.  Instead we need to shine the light of salvation to others in the darkness so that it flees from us.


​May 25th, 2016 - A Dream containing an Open Vision

I dreamt that I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming (when I dream of dreaming I know that it is significant) when I was awakened by an open vision that began as a television cartoon being played on my bedroom wall like a projector. Eventually the black and white cartoon characters faded away like a broadcast coming into focus. I saw a parade of blue military tanks going down the road. I knew that I was facing north and so the tanks were moving in front of me from right to left. In other words, they were traveling from east to west. After seeing the tanks I saw scenes of chaos and violence between people.

Then I saw a hospital scene where a young lady had lost her face. Her face was in a metal tray. I watched and realized that her body had been separated in pieces so that her upper torso and arms was attached to her head, but her face was gone. With her arms and hands, she covered the place where her face would have been as if in embaressment. I watched as the nurses began to move her various pieces in preparation for surgery. I thought to myself – how would they ever put her back together. On the bed where the lower half of her body lay, there was a fake head or “bust” of a plaster head laying as if they were somehow keeping a placeholder for the head to be reattached. None of this was gross while in the dream but it did seem very strange and disturbing to me. End of dream

Father God, was this dream from you? Please give me understanding.

I heard Jesus share this:

“This dream is from my Father. He desires to show you the current state of America. The dream should be interpreted in reverse order. What is to come will result in America “losing face”. She will face much mockery. She will be cut into two pieces. There will be those that will want to try to put her back together again but it will not be possible. She will be irrevocably torn in two.

After this happens, chaos will ensue. America will be desimated by her enemies and conquered.

America, in its current form, will be remembered no more and will fade away from the pages of history. What once was, and now is, shall be no more.”

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I believe that the young lady that I saw represents “Lady Liberty”. The country we once knew and which was once known by the world to be all-powerful and honorable as one nation under God is now being made into a mockery by our own sin and rebellion.

The face that was removed represents the reality that the face of America has changed. We are no longer a nations of Christians who uphold basic Biblical values. The “face” of America now looks like satanic worship, Muslim extremism, and LGBT rhetoric.  We’ve become a people completely given over to sin.

I feel that the “cutting into two” of her body can be thought of both metaphoricaly/spiritually and physically. We are seeing our country divided today over the election between Hillary and Trump. To much of the external world, our current political process has already made us a laughing stock. We are seeing unprecedented riotting associated with the pre-election rallies. The election is a polarizing topic to young and old alike. Even to people within our country, there are many of us who are completely ashamed of what our country has become with The One True God removed from every facet of societal living, and those looking for a “savior” from the likes of Hillary or Trump, instead of through Jesus.

We know from many prophetic voices that an escalation of violence leading to marshal law is to come. I believe there are people including our own leaders who want to see us destroy ourselves, and like sheep to the slaughter many seem happy to oblige.

I believe the portion of the dream where the “fake or false head” is laying above the lower torso points to a false leader that will be set in place for a time as our President, though he/she will never truly lead our country since it won’t be possible to put it back together again. That false leader will just be a puppet controlled ultimately through the antichrist.

Physically, there are many prophets who have seen in dreams or visions the splitting of America in two along the New Madrid fault line, perhaps following our involvement in dividing Israel. I do not know if this will happen at the same time as the spiritual division but there was a finality in the vision of the lady not being able to be put back together. In every way, she was broken apart.

There are many of us who pray that America would be restored, again one nation in unity, under God, but I believe that hope is no longer possible because God has declared that (redemptive) judgment must come upon our wicked nation. A people divided against itself will fail. As in the dream, a body once cut into two can’t be put back together again.

I did not see a logo on the tanks, but I believe the blue military tanks that I saw belonged to the United Nations. Even while in the dream, I thought about the UN when I saw the tanks. (Upon awaking, I looked up the UN and the tanks matched the blue shade of the UN flag.). As a people we are being divided like the wheat from the tares. Our own federal government may even welcome the UN military forces into our country under false pretenses of re-establishing order. Where they say peace and safety, beware!

I heard Jesus speak to me that “America will be desimated by her enemies and conquered.” I believe that some time after UN involvement and marshal law, our country will be attacked by foreign troops. Other prophetic voices have seen attacks on American soil by China and Russia. I believe we will see this occur, and America will cease to exist as one nation, and as Jesus said, America as she was will be remembered no more.

The men are not evil but they lack wisdom.  I see one man sitting at the end of the table with his head down and hands folded.  He alone is seeking the Lord for help in this difficult hour.  More than jobs are at stake.  The man realizes that lives, many lives, are at stake.  He believes there is a way to minimize the damage but only with the Lord's help.  He is a "believer" but never before has called on his faith in this way.  He has heard of God doing mighty things but never before seen them for himself.  He is just hoping that God will hear his prayer and answer him. 

What he can't see are the angels that are also in the room and all throughout the floor that the conference room is on.  It's perhaps half way up the high rise, around 30 stories.  There are angels outside of the building as well looking on.  There are others above the building.  Each have different jobs to do - some are ministering angels, some are there to provide council, and some are there to war against the demonic principalities.  Then it's like I go back up into the clouds and then the Lord shows me the same seen with different companies, people, and angels over and over again all over this country, and even in other nations.  I have the sense that not everyone knows yet what has just happened or what is about to happen, but the largest companies know because of their ownership.  They are being given a short period of time to prepare before there is no more time.

Awaken this generation

November 26th, 2015 - a word from the Lord

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"The old will pass away, and this has begun.  Governments will fall.  Kings and rulers will fall.  The castles and strong holds of the wicked will fall.  Money will fail.  And when it has all fallen, there will be one last mighty attempt by the enemy to prop it back up with a lie, but in the end, that too shall fail.  Then, his reign will be ended, and he shall be locked up for nearly 1000 years as my son brings my kingdom to this earth.  This is the time that is fast approaching.  Yes, you shall see it.  There is to be no more delay.  I have told you before that my angels have been released to the 4 corners of the earth to do the work I have called them to do.  There is no stopping this.  The gate to hell has been opened.  The hoards of hell have freedom to move about this earth under the power of satan.  At the same time, my angels outnumber them and will protect every one of my children, those that call upon my name.

Look, up from the south they come into America.  Look, from the west they come.  Look, from the east they come.  Look, from the north they come.  Do not think for a moment that the harlot America will be spared that which has come upon Europe and other nations.  I've spoken that my hand of protection has been removed.  They come upon you like locusts to devour the crops.  Ready yourself.  The attacks will be many and they will last for many days. Your government will fail and flounder and it will be given to the states to fight for the safety of the people.  Neighbor will rise against neighbor as fear grips the nation.  Fear brings forth greater calamity.  It will not be safe to walk the streets or to go to the store.  This will be a time of gathering together for my people.  Be ready for my summoning call.

So much is coming.  There is no preparation that can be made for all of it, except in me.  Earthquakes, asteroids, drought, famine, fires, floods, heat and cold, hailstones, changes in gravity and the poles, volcanoes... Fear not children of the one true God.  Even through the great persecution, I am with you.  I will not leave you or forsake you.  All this must happen that the work may be accomplished, for the times to reach their fullness.

The church as it stands today will fall, but out of the massive ruins will arise a people whose hearts are fully given over to me.  This remnant will make the way for my son's glorious return.

Awaken this generation, your redemption draws nigh!"

The great and glorious day of the Lord

January 2nd, 2016 - a word from the Lord

"My heart aches for that which is coming upon America in these days.  You will experience much hardship.  These birth pains must come that my church may be prepared.  I have spared you much sorrow already but there can be no more delay for time is short.  My children do not know me.  They do not even know my name.  They only know how to blaspheme in my name and it causes me great sorrow.  

What has been written from the beginning must come to pass in these days for the elect to arise to the beauty and majesty of their calling in me.  It is time!  The most glorious days of the church are yet ahead.  She shall be taken down to her footings so that the foundation may be repoured with the blood of the lamb.  All that will be built upon it will be new.  My creation will be made new in my son's image unto His great and glorious return when He shall command the great heavenly armies to dispose of the beast into the depths of hell.

Proclaim that the great and glorious day of the Lord is at hand!  The rains of judgment have come upon this nation.  The winds of judgment have come upon this nation.  The shaking of the earth is here.  See the flood waters that cover the earth even today.  See the mighty storms that rage around you.  See the fire that burns the earth and all that is growing up from it.  I will tear down every stronghold and stumbling block.  Do not think that I do not see through the lies, the idolatry, the immorality that abounds.  I see it and I spit in disgust.  The west is ablaze.  The south has been blown down, down, down.  The central states have been covered in a great flood that will forever change the landscape.  The northwest shakes and will shake even more - the caldron that burns is growing and moving and moaning under the pressure of the sin of the people.  People of the east - brace for your judgment.  It shall be swift.  Do not think you've escaped anything.  Thy cup of trembling runs over.

Wake!  This generation must awaken to the day!  My son spoke these words and they are true.  Take them into your heart before it is too late."

I desire that my children would make the connections.  Satan has one plan and is prepared to battle on every front.  His hoards move about the earth from one attack to another.  Man are but puppets in His hands.  Timing, timing, timing.  One event after another as the beat of the drum gets louder and faster.

Draw close to me day by day.  Every day I have instructions for you.  You must learn to tune out the world and tune to me.  An explosion here.  A shooting there.  A flood here.  A famine there.  You must learn to feel my breath, the breath of life.  You cannot protect yourself or your family in this hour.  I am your only covering.  You are being hunted by the lion who seeks someone to devour.  He and his “pride” are hunting my children one by one, but it is I who stand in the way and thwart every plan of the enemy as my children hear my voice and come to me."

The Clock Strikes 3

December 4th, 2015 - A word from the Lord

"The clock strikes 3.  Three bells chime.

The clanking of the chains as they drag on the ground can be heard.  The “monster” from the depths has been released from the bowels of hell.  Know that it is all connected.  The forces of evil move upon this earth carrying out great and horrible schemes.  One leads to another and to another as the cacophony of chaos grows:

  • The eruption of fire from the depths will come not in just one place but many
  • The uprising - the militia ordered to the streets
  • The attack on sovereignty

Like a house of cards the U.S. will fall.  All the while, laughter sounds from the White House.  The leader of your nation has done his job well.  He has carried out the orders of the Evil One most perfectly.

Your borders are open.  The enemies of my people now surround them from all sides, yet I say to my children, fear not for you will be mine in that dreadful hour.

Scroll and Fig Leaf

Earthquake in San Francisco

​November 26th, 2015 - A closed vision

Before fully waking up, I saw a picture of a notebook.  It had the word "Earthquake" written on the top and under it the word "Aftershock".  I asked the Lord - who was this warning for?  I heard "San Francisco".

 A bit later as I laid in my bed and was starting to go back to sleep, I saw a picture of my family getting out of our car in a Lowes parking lot.  We were starting to walk towards the store when a big crack began to open up at the far end of the lot and spread towards us.

I laid in bed longer and then saw a picture of a close friend sitting across from me in a restaurant.  She said to me "It is time for us to listen.  We must hear every word the Lord has for us in this hour."

Your Country Will Burn

​May 10th, 2015 - a word from the Lord

(For the complete word, click here.)

"Your country will burn. Your country will fall.  Your country will be left desolate, but My remnant will be safe in My arms.  My remnant will be given the power to travel the world offering healing in My name.  My children will speak of salvation like never before and it will be like honey to the tongue.  It will be like a soft breeze to the hot laborer...

But we stand at this time, divided only by a thin veil, where one can see and nearly touch heaven.  The time is fast approaching when My Son shall ride on a cloud of glory to this earth when every person shall see His beauty and gaze upon his countenance, the perfect sacrifice, the perfect peace, the perfect representation of My love for My people.

Before this time, death and destruction must come, the wheat must be separated from the tares.  I carefully comb the earth looking for those who call out to Me, who long to be held by My embrace, who see that I’ve created them for something more.  I Will Rescue My people and I will reign victorious with them for eternity."

Three Great Shakings

November 14th, 2015 - A word from the Lord

“What is coming upon your nation (United States) will shake it to its core.  The selfish and prideful will perish for not seeking my face in this hour.  Men will rise from the rubble and call on my name.  They will lay down their own plans to follow me. The angels have been released upon the four corners of the earth.  The word has gone forth.”...

(For the complete word, click here.)

“The first shaking, as terrible as it will be, is but a warning.  The bell tolls once. Will they turn to me or rebuke me once again?”

“Then, an even greater shaking shall come with twice the destruction of the first. Again, a choice to make. Will they humble themselves before me and seek my face? Or will they stubbornly call upon their kings and rulers for salvation?  The second bell tolls.”

“Finally, the third shaking shall resound through the earth and the destruction shall be times four.  Every stone shall move from its place. Again I will ask, will they turn from their evil ways and call on my name?  Those that call on me shall be saved.  Those that hear my voice and turn to me shall be comforted.  For those whose hearts are hardened shall perish in eternal fire.”

“Have I not been patient?  Have I not been gracious?  Have I not been merciful?  I Am.”

Imprisonment of Americans

A dream on 12.8.14:

I was locked in a 2nd story cage-like room with others.  It was open to the air but had bars to prevent escape.  We knew that we were prisoners.  After a while, I went down a hallway and went downstairs for something.  I saw scary looking men coming and going from the main entrance.  Upon my return to our “cell” there were slabs of BBQ ribs all over, on the tables and chairs but also the floors.  It was really gross.  They expected us to eat.  I didn’t think of this at the time, but later I thought that it was possible that all that meat was human, and not from a pig or cow...

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Dream Interpretation - I believe this dream can be interpreted quite literally.  There is a time coming in our country when Christians and anyone coming against the “New Government” will be imprisoned and put to death.  There will be cannibalism due to a shortage of food.


December 29th, 2015 - a closed vision

A warning for specific cities/regions

January 28th, 2016 - a dream, an open vision, a closed vision, and a word from the Lord

I went to sleep and was startled awake when I dreamed that a large grasshopper landed right in front of me.  It looked like a typical grasshopper but it was oversized.  It felt very real and for some reason was a little frightening.  I am not typically afraid of bugs or grasshoppers specifically.  There was no dream surrounding the grasshopper, just its presence and immediately I was forced awake.

I believe the grasshopper represents trouble and devastation as an instrument of God’s judgment.

I went back to sleep and was then woken by a sound that may have just been experienced in the spiritual though it felt “real” in the physical.  The room was silent when I opened my eyes.  However, I saw in the spirit about ten feet from me a figure that appeared to be holding a trumpet to its mouth ready to blow.

Then I heard the word, “Write”.

(For the complete message, click here.)

"The shaking that I have warned of is upon you but my sheep must fear not.  Rest in me, and I in you.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) California.  You have not seen the worst of what shall befall you.  The prideful and the arrogant will fall to their knees before My Father’s judgment ends.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Seattle for the darkness you have welcomed upon yourselves.  The stench of the fornication has reached my Father’s nostrils and the repulsion is too much to bare.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Colorado for your drunkenness and orgies.  You have given up sober life for slumber and light-headedness.  You are raising up a generation of thieves and bums.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) New England for your political treachery.  You scheme and you plot, selling your lies and your forgeries.  Your way of life shall soon change.

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Harlot City, New York City, who lures men in with her wiles only to gut them and take their souls.  Your fate has been sealed.  The tall buildings will become jumping grounds for so many. (the picture of suicide by jumping from a tall building).

Woe to (the inhabitants of) Chicago for you have caused the death of the family.  You have caused men to fail to become fathers, and women to forget how to mother.  You have torn the very fabric of this country apart.  Why, oh why have you chosen to believe the lie?

You shall see these things come to pass and you will know that the Lord has spoken.”

I was then sent to Jeremiah 33.